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  • Purchase

Each product is divided into non-designated (reference pictures only) and designated (single item pictures) goods
Purchase products that are not specified will be shipped on the best
To purchase the specified items, please place an order from the number in the picture on the selection webpage

  • Payment


Bank code:822
Account number: 901561545750
After the remittance, please send a message to inform the last 5 digits of the remittance account number

Credit card


  • Shipping

Cash on delivery (COD)

Home delivery
Click the icon below to link to the home delivery official website for product delivery status query

  • Returns

We value the feelings of customers, so we provide buyers with a 7-day appreciation period
If you have doubts about the plant within the expiration date after unpacking, you are welcome to contact us as soon as possible
I hope to cultivate a fresh green field in life together with everyone.