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About Us

Brand Concept
We always believe that nature has the power to heal people. We observe the growth and growth of seedlings in the sun, and carefully observe the flexible vitality of the plants when watering. Since then, the heart has become much softer. As a result, I opened my senses and began to perceive small changes in the four seasons, temperature, humidity, and scenery, and life gradually became brighter. In the process of planting and planting, we saw a different sentimental world, so we founded Twelve Fields, hoping to open up twelve months of good time for everyone with plants.

THE 12TH Botanical Oasis's Perseverance
We hope that from the moment people receive the package and unpack it, the plant will begin to grow, thrive and become a unique individual under the care of the new owner. We value the feelings of customers, so we provide buyers with a 7-day appreciation period. If you have doubts about the plants within the expiration after unpacking, we welcome you to contact us as soon as possible, hoping to work with you to create a fresh piece of life Green field.

Planting sharing
Place it in a bright and ventilated place, such as a balcony/terrace/lighting hood. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. You can apply solid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer nutrient solution, and the effect is good.

Platycerium: watering is dry and wet, dry and wet cycle, touch the sphagnum moss with your hand to judge whether it is slightly wet or dry before watering, if you are not sure whether it is watered thoroughly, you can take the plant to a bucket to soak in water and observe whether there is nothing in the sphagnum moss After the bubbles emerge, the effect of pouring is achieved.

Foliage plants: maintain high environmental humidity, and the pots and media must have good ventilation and drainage. Plants without roots can be bagged or placed in a stuffy box to increase humidity.