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Q: How do I take care of plants?
A: Place them in a bright, diffused light and well-ventilated area such as a balcony/patio/under skylight. Avoid direct sunlight. Solid and liquid fertilizers can be applied, both yielding good results.

Staghorn Fern: Watering should be done in a cycle, alternating between completely wet and dry. Touch the moss to judge its moisture level and water when it feels slightly damp or dry. If unsure about thorough watering, immerse the plant in a bucket of water. When no more air bubbles emerge from the moss, it is sufficiently watered.

Rainforest Plants: Maintain high humidity. The pot and substrate should have good aeration and drainage. Plants without roots can be bagged or placed in a humidity box to increase moisture.

Recommended substrate for rainforest plants: A mixture of akadama clay, peat moss, perlite, pumice, and bamboo charcoal in equal parts.

Q: I ordered the wrong item. How can I cancel my order?
A: Please contact customer service to cancel it for you.

Q: When will I receive my items?
A: At The 12th oasis, we ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. Depending on the delivery service's volume, if it's not high, you typically receive it the next day. Store-to-store deliveries will arrive the day after they're sent.

Q: After completing payment, I want to add items to the same order. What should I do?
A: Place a new order for the additional items and then contact customer service. Any extra shipping fees incurred will be refunded either as store credit or included with the package.

Q: Does the store credit have an expiration date?
A: There's no expiration date.

Q: My online card payment keeps failing. What should I do?
A: Failed orders won't be processed. Please place the order again. We recommend using Google Chrome for card payments on our official site to prevent crashes. Once the payment is made, the order status will automatically update to 'Paid'. No need to submit any further information.

Q: Can I pick up my order? Where's the address?
A: Yes. The address is No. 114-112, Beishi Road, Xinhua District, Tainan City (200 meters ahead when you see the "Guojun Parking Lot" sign, turn right at the T-junction and go another 50 meters to the greenhouse). 
Directly search "十二田植栽" on Google Maps. If picking up, please message our official page or send a private message a day in advance to schedule.